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By placing an order or making a purchase at our website, you agree to our conditions of use of sale stated below.


1.At the time of delivery, the goods will be, subject as hereinafter provided, be free from defects in materials and workmanship. 

2.If we do not deliver we will refund you the amount paid by you for the products in question.


1.You are responsible for ensuring the goods are received in good condition upon delivery.

Upon delivery, you must sign to agree that the items have been received in good condition and that your order is complete. Should there be any damages upon delivery, you must notify the delivery team immediately. You have the right to reject the damaged items upon delivery at no charge if the claim is valid. We will remove the goods from your premise immediately while we resolve the issue, and will contact you within 3 working days for further action. Should there be any damages, we aim to have the item available at the earliest available date, subject to the next available shipment. In the event an exchange cannot be made, we reserve the right to offer a substitute or refund.

2.Once the delivery order is signed with no discrepancies, it is deemed that the order is accepted by you in good condition. If you do not wish to inspect the items upon delivery, it is deemed that the order is accepted by you in good order and condition. Any claim made after the delivery team has left your premise will not be entertained. Return policy will automatically apply for orders with unsigned delivery orders.


Our maximum aggregate liability to you, whether in contract, or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount received from you for the relevant product(s) purchased.


Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.

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