4pcs Crystal Champagne Glass

4pcs Crystal Champagne Glass

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Model: Wine Set

Product information 

SLEEK & MODERN DESIGN: We designed this glass with the consumer in mind. The contemporary shape is aesthetically pleasing and holds more champagne than other glasses. Our design also features a long stem attached to a durable pedestal for comfort in your hand or stability on any flat surface. 

ENHANCED FLAVOR & BUBBLES: The handblown shape of this flute was crafted with a wide bowl allowing aeration of flavors while also narrowing at the top to capture bubbles and deliver more intense . Each glass is made of premium crystal to ensure champagne taste is not dulled by the glass. 

PREMIUM QUALITY CRYSTAL: Modvera Drinkware champagne glasses are crafted with premium lead-free crystal to ensure the highest satisfaction. These glasses have a crystal-grade clarity to enhance shine making the glasses look elegant without compromising durability while beautifully showcasing your favorite bubbly. 

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